Aircraft Annual Workparty Celebration - 10May2018

The process of getting the club airplanes through their annual inspection and back in the air requires quite a bit of effort. There is a lot of coordination required between our A&P mechanic, Mike Zimmerman and the club Maintenance Officer, Dennis Guinn. Replacement parts have to be identified and ordered which generally falls to our president, Dennis Mathis. This year for example, the Archer received a re-manufactured engine which added to the work load and the schedule! Sufficed to say, there is a lot of behind the scenes effort required in an attempt to minimize the down time of the airplanes during the annual.

This year the club had a good number of members volunteer their time and labor to help expedite the process. There are always tasks we can accomplish as members which don't require Mike's expertise and which allows him to concentrate on the important stuff. Interior removals, vacuuming the exposed areas, lubing the control cables, and patching wheel fairings for example were all accomplished by members.

Of course, none of it would happen if we didn't have Mike Zimmerman working on his days off and on Saturdays trying his best to get our planes back in service.

So, in order to properly acknowledge the efforts related to this year's annual process, the Board of Directors decided have a small celebration at a local Greenville restaurant and treat some of the folks and their spouses to a nice dinner. Some wine was consumed, some prizes were raffled off, and looking at the pictures, it looks like a good time was had.

Thanks to all for the extra help you provided this year. Only seven months before the Cessna annual!