Oshkosh 2019 - 21Jul2019

The Majors Flying Club, along with several local friends of the club, were well represented at AirVenture 2019 in Oshkosh, WI this year.

Ten members of the Majors Flying Club along with two friends of the club were in attendance at Oshkosh this year. This year the Archer, Clarke Erwin's 182TC, and Kacey Dudenhoeffer's 177RG were all flown to Oshkosh and Jon Bottorff drove from Indiana . On an even more encouraging note, all three airplanes returned safe and sound! The Archer was flown by Dennis Guinn, Denis Rottler, and Mike Smith. Clarke picked up his passengers, Ian Horbaczewski and newly minted pilot, Robert McEnaney in Rockwall (F46). Kacey and fellow club member Ned Howard flew in the Cardinal.

Kacey and Ned got a head start and headed out on Thursday, July 18th. They were anxious to get a good parking spot for their camping adventure and it turns out they did get a great spot. Unfortunately, they received quite a bit of rain Thursday through last Saturday with some heavy winds mixed in for an exciting couple of days. It sounded like it was a bit of a mess but survivable. They took one for the team and we appreciate it. It was clear skies Sunday through Thursday for the rest of us.

The Archer departed KGVT around 0730 on Sunday, July 20th and made stops at Hugh Robinson, MO (KEOS - cheapest fuel around) and Southwest Iowa Regional (KBRL) for fuel, leg stretching, bladder relief, pilot changes, and a burger at the KBRL stop. The fuel stops were uneventful and we pressed on to Appleton International (KATW). The first two legs were VFR and the last leg could have been VFR with some cloud dodging. Fortunately Mike has his Instrument Rating and we got to bust through a bunch of clouds without any course deviations. All was good until we got close to KATW. The rain earlier in the week had an impact on grass parking at KOSH and a lot of traffic was diverted to KATW. We spent an intense 30 minutes in an unpublished holding pattern outside of a KATW with a dozen of our "closest" airplane friends. Since there was not an established procedure, hardly any two airplanes were flying the same holding pattern. While Mike concentrated on flying, Guinn and Rottler watched for visual traffic and ADS-B traffic. It was pretty intense but without any ADS-B traffic warning alerts. On one of the laps, Mike announced our position and we were granted the magical "Clear to Land" call from the controller.

Clarke and his crew departed a bit later than the Archer but were on the ground, parked, had the rental car secured, and met up with Jon by the time we landed. Clarke had made arrangement for us to park in the grass but it was too wet. We parked on the concrete and got to stay on the concrete for the duration at the parking on the grass rate!

We rented a very nice house (4 bedroom, 3 bath with a basement) in Appleton that was only about five miles from the airport. Names were drawn, bedrooms and floor space was assigned, air mattresses were inflated, and a grocery list was made. Dinner at a Texas Roadhouse (yes, we were in Wisconsin) followed by a singularly unique shopping trip to the local Walmart with seven guys. We were set for the week.

Three very nice days were spent at Oshkosh. There is just so much to see and do. Lots of vendors were visited, some money changed hands, and airshows were watched under the shade of a C-47. Those fireworks on Wednesday night! We had front row standing spots and it was a spectacular fireworks show.

Departure was uneventful for the Archer on Thursday morning. Gas stops at the same two airports on the way home and the Archer was back in the hangar by 1830 on Thursday. A couple of minutes made all the difference for Clarke and his crew however. They were about 30 minutes behind us leaving the house and apparently the departure queue filled up in those thirty minutes. After an hour wait, they were cleared to take off only to discover they had a flat tire. Fortunately we had the house until Sunday so they were able to get the tire fixed that day and had a place to spend the night. They made it home on Friday.

After dropping us off at the airport, Jon safely made his way home to Indiana.

Kacey and Ned hung in there until about Friday before breaking camp and heading home.

During the week we met up the Karen and Brad Smith as well as Mike Montefusco. We gathered at the arch on three different days in order to get pictures of the NE Texas folks!

If not on your bucket list, you need to consider adding it!


Wash & Wax Party - 14June2019

On a somewhat blustery morning, seven hardy club members showed up to Wash and Wax the club airplanes. The bellies were de-greased, the planes were washed, dried, and put away.

In the background, several more folks showed up, including some dude in a Chef's hat, to help clear out the clubhouse as part of the renovation project. Everything except the coffee bar and the refrigerator was hauled out and temporarily moved into the hangar or the dumpster. Even the toilet and the ceiling fans were removed to make it a bit easier on the flooring folks and the painters. The good news is the toilet was one of the items that made its way to the dumpster! Since the carpet came up very easily, it was decided to remove it and save a few bucks by not paying the flooring crew to remove the carpet.

There was a lot of stuff to haul out and between the airplane washing crew and the folks who showed up to help clean out the clubhouse, it was all over it less than an hour. The clubhouse was empty but the same could not be said for the hangar.

The dude in the Chef's hat was busy cooking in the background and the food was ready right on time. Thanks to Dennis Mathis for taking care of the lunch cooking chores. Dennis Guinn provided everyone with the promised opportunity to win $5000. As per usual, one or two folks won $2. The exception was Mr. Mathis who was the victim of a practical joke and "won" nothing but provided some laughs as he read the phony lottery card out load.

Thanks to all who showed up to help.


Membership Meeting - 30May2019


Ground School Graduation - 16May2019


Dallas Love Field - "Behind the Scenes" - 10May2019

The City of Dallas, Department of Aviation, Airport Operations Group were the people responsible for our Dallas Love Field Tour. They did an outstanding job! Mr. Timothy Smith is the Assistant Director of the group. Below is the letter of appreciation we sent after the tour.

Mr. Smith,

On behalf of the Majors Flying Club, I would like to express our appreciation for the excellent “Behind the Scenes” tour of Dallas Love Field that Jim Cennamo and his team orchestrated for us on Friday, May 10th. It was a fascinating tour that was very well choreographed and executed. All of the components including the old control tower, the robotic baggage handling, the ride on the Corbus 3000, and the tour of maintenance facility were well received. Of course everyone wanted to spend the day in the tower watching planes come and go and we were all fascinated by the robotic baggage handling system. While those were certainly highlights of the tour, what was striking and unexpected was the passion that Kevin demonstrated on the tour of the maintenance area. His attitude seems to reflect the attitude of Jim’s team and I suspect the attitude of many of the folks who work for the City of Dallas at Dallas Love Field.

Many thanks to Jim, Alex, Natalie, Kevin, Mr. Brown (fireman) and Mr. George Woodard, the Corbus driver and Texas A&M Football Hall of Famer (we had several Aggies in the group). There was a fourth person on Jim’s team who name I failed to write down but we know he was on the Employee Advisory board and a member of the Arts team. The goody bags provided by Kathy were a nice touch as well.

I suspect the folks who missed the tour will be looking for their chance in the future. Thank you for setting up the tour. Jim did a great job with all the planning and communication prior to the tour as well as conducting the tour itself. It was a lot of fun!

Majors Flying Club


Harry Andonian's 93rd Birthday Party - 15Feb2019


Membership Meeting - 31 January 2019

The 1st quarter Membership meeting was held on Thursday, January 31, 2019 in the Majors Flying Clubhouse.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the Regular members convened in the MFC hangar to conduct the Board of Director elections for 2019. The nomination and election process was conducted by regular member Mike Smith. With a quorum of regular members present the following nominees were presented: Dennis Mathis, Dennis Harwell, Dennis Guinn, BJ Finney, Mark Armstrong, and Denis Rottler. There were no nominations from the floor and the nomination process was closed. By a show of hands, the list of nominees was approved by the regular members present. There were no votes against the list of nominees.

The meeting was called to order by the past president and newly re-elected member to the board, Mr. Dennis Mathis at 1730. Mr. Mathis greeted the sixteen folks present and recognized our guest speaker, Lt. Col Choya Shanhan from the Texas 450th Sulphur Springs Composite Squadron, as well as Tim Smith and Bill Power who are also from the Sulphur Spring Civil Air Patrol.

Mr. Mathis recognized Tom Hubert for doing the leg work to provide Arby's sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Of course Mr. Gordon Hay received the normal accolades for providing a batch of his now locally famous brownies!

The treasurer, formally know as the treasurer and currently known as a Board of Director elect BJ Finney, presented the positive financial status of the club. Dennis Guinn, another returning board member, presented the status of the airplanes. The Cessna annual is finished with only the paperwork remaining. The Archer will start its annual process in March with the wheel fairings coming off before the start of the annual to expedite their refurbishment.

Mr. Mathis reported on the status of the new (2) outside LED security lights, an effort to look into building Bay 3, and the start of the 2019 Ground School class in February.

A Solo Flight certificate was given to Robert McEnaney by his instructor, Mr. Dennis Mathis to celebrate Robert's solo flight in the Cessna on November 5, 2018. Congratulations Robert!

With club business being finished, Mr. Mathis introduced our guest speaker, Lt. Col. Choya Shanhan. Choya is the squadron commander of the Sulphur Springs Civil Air Patrol and gave a very professional talk about the role of the CAP in support Search and Rescue operations, natural disaster photography missions, communications support, homeland security, and other support missions for local enforcement agencies. Of particular note is the squadron's involvement in the Cadet side of the program. This squadron very aggressively grooms and guides Cadets through the program with an emphasis on the flying aspect of the program. There are many opportunities to fly for the CAP and Lt. Col Shanhan encouraged all of the pilots of the MFC to contact her to find out additional information. One of our members turned in their paperwork at the meeting and one or two other members had several questions for Choya.

The meeting was adjourned at 1830.


Majors Field Breakfast Fly In - 3 November 2018

The Majors Field General Aviation Manager, Mr. Ty Helton, started early in 2018 to test the waters for a possible Majors Field Breakfast Fly-In in November. After several meetings it was decided that there would be enough local financial support, support from the local general aviation community, and support from the community to make the event a success.

The Majors Flying Club was asked to handle the breakfast part of the event and in a moment of weakness, the club said yes. Based on the turnout for a similar but smaller event in 2016, the club began the planning to feed 500 people in two hours that Saturday morning. Thanks to an impressive turnout of twenty four (24) volunteers from the Majors Flying Club, the club was able to meet and exceed its goals that Saturday morning. The griddles were fired up at 0600, the food line was open at 0800, closed at 1000, and by 1130 the hangar, griddles, tables, chairs, and cooking utensils were all cleaned and put away. It was an impressive showing of folks all moving in the same direction from start to finish to make the event a success.

To wit:
• 664 people signed in and we are assuming they all went through the food lines
• At least 1250 pancakes from 55 lbs. of batter and 10 gallons of water
• Around 1200 strips of bacon or about 70 lbs.
• 504 sausage patties or around 52 lbs.
• 17 gallons of orange juice
• Around 240 bottles of water
• An unbelievable number of cups of coffee


Fall Scout Aviation Workshop - 6 October 2018

The Fall 2018 Scout Aviation Workshop was held on Saturday, October 6, 2018 and by all of our normal measures of success, it was another very successful event!

The event hosted fifty (50) scouts this year of which forty-eight (48) scouts chose to fly. As seems to be the norm for these events, the morning started out cloudy and even a bit threatening but by the time we were finished with the pre-flight event, the skies cleared enough to launch! The preflight effort was conducted in a very timely manner thanks again to Mr. Dennis Mathis and the eleven (11) planes and seventeen (17) pilots he was able to round up for the event. Thanks to those plane owners and all of the folks who help the scouts with the pre-flight event.

Following the completion of the pre-flight event, the flying portion of the event got underway. Engine start for the first round was around 1030 and all the flight were completed by around 1315. Lunch followed in the IFI hangar as well as the always well received demonstration by the L-3 fire truck. Those spray nozzles are impressive!

As is always the case for this event, there is a ton of behind the scenes effort required to coordinate, organize, plan, and execute the event. There are too many to mention to single out by name but everyone pitches in where they can to make the event a success. Just ask the photographer for the day, and we only had one this time, just how many steps he put on his Fitbit!


Membership Meeting - 4 October 2018

The 3rd quarter 2018 Membership meeting was held on Thursday, October 4th in the Majors Flying Club hangar.

Prior to the start of the meeting, the Regular members who were present adjourned to the clubhouse to participate in a vote to accept Revision L of the By-Laws. The motion was passed unanimously by voice vote.

The meeting was called to order by the president, Mr. Dennis Mathis, at 1732. Mr. Mathis introduced the special guests including Harry Andonian, Casey Weese (son of the guest speaker), Ty Helton, General Aviation Manager, and the guest speaker, Chuck Weese.

Several of the members of the Board of Directors including B.J. Finney (Treasurer), Dennis Harwell (Secretary), and Dennis Guinn (Maintenance Officer) presented reports for their respective functions.

Gordon Hay received a nod for his chef duties and his world famous brownies. Karen Smith receive kudos for providing the tomatoes.

The upcoming Majors Field Breakfast Fly-In was discussed including the call for volunteers.

Mr. Mathis introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Chuck Weese who provided a very interesting talk about his aviation career. How bad can it be if your day job is flying a Challenger 601! At the conclusion of his talk, Chuck was presented with a personalized coffee mug as a toke of our appreciation.

The meeting was adjourned at 1912.

The minutes for the meeting can be found on the October 2018 (Board of Directors) section of the Board Meetings webpage.



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