Spring Scout Aviation Workshop - 22Apr2017

As you can tell from the pictures below Saturday, April 22, 2017 started out as a fairly blustery morning. The scouts enjoyed a thunderstorm on their Friday evening camp out (which turned into an inside event) and were greeted with some brisk north winds and cool temperatures on Saturday morning. You can also tell from the pictures of scouts in shorts and the adults in jackets and long pants which group received the weather memo. The Spring Scout Aviation Workshop for 2017 was another well attended and well run event.

Around fifty-five (55) scouts attended as well as their Scout Leaders and some of their parents. The Scouts started their morning with an introduction to Harry Andonian, our local aviation hero, and were held spellbound in the FBO while Harry told them about his aviation career and shared several of his many flying stories. Following Harry's talk, the Scouts were assigned to a variety of airplanes in order to learn how to conduct a pre-flight inspection which was followed by demonstrating their newly learned knowledge by conducting their own pre-flight inspection. At the conclusion of the pre-flight event the folks in dispatch began assigning the scouts to the five (5) flying airplanes and after several sorties all of the scouts who were eligible to fly and who wanted to fly got a ride! The girl scouts who attended also participated in the pre-flight event and a map reading event although their rules do not allow them to go flying. As the scouts finished their flight they attended and built model airplanes to satisfy the requirements of the badge. With the flights concluded, everyone including the pilots, the aircraft marshallers, the volunteers, the scouts, their leaders, and the parents enjoyed a Subway lunch compliments of the Scout troops.

It takes quite a few volunteers to successfully orchestrate and conduct this event and the Majors Flying Club is very thankful to the folks who donated their time and airplanes to help make this event successful and safe for the scouts and to the skilled photographers who documented the event.

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